PRO-mounts Scuba Red Filter for GoPro HERO5 & HERO6 & HERO (2017) & HERO7 Cameras


Colour your life

The PRO-mounts Scuba Red Filter is a red filter that is suitable for the GoPro* HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 cameras and the Super Suit dive housing. The Scuba Red Filter is a necessary accessory for divers, because with this red filter you correct the shades of blue that occur especially in tropical waters if you dive deeper. This makes the image of your Actioncam completely natural again without having to correct the colors in the postprocessing.

The red color of the Scuba Red Filter perfectly corrects the loss of red light in tropical and blue water, giving you natural-looking images. Those extreme shades of blue that you encounter under water can be adjusted afterwards in postprocessing, but immediately during recording is a much better option. The Pro-Mounts Scuba Red Filter ensures the highest image quality under water.


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1 x Red Acrylic Filter

2 x Adapter Mount

1 x Filter Pouch & leash

1 x Changable Filter System


• Polycarbonate

• Steel head

• Stainless steel parts


This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for all GoPro* HERO 5, 6, 7, HERO (model 2017) camera’s and the SuperSuit underwater Dive Housing