PRO-mounts Battery Kit For HERO4 Cameras


With the high-quality and practical PRO-mounts Battery Kit for the GoPro* HERO4 camera you know for sure that you will never run out of power. Thanks to two strong extra batteries and the car charger cable you always have enough power to hand when on the road.

The PRO-mounts Battery Kit for the GoPro* HERO4 camera consists of a charger that can go directly into the socket, two 1160 mAh Li-Ion polymer batteries and a car charger cable for 12-Volt connections. With this handy battery kit you always have a charging option and extra power to ensure that your Actioncam shots are not ruined by something as trivial as an empty battery. Of course the battery cells are of the very best quality and the batteries therefore have a 2 year exchange guarantee. Logical, because PRO-mounts only delivers quality.



We have several popular batteries tested in a new GoPro* HERO4 camera with continuous play and an empty SDcard. Each battery was fully charged and 2 different batteries by brand tested. Results:



* GoPro* camera original battery: 103 minutes
* PRO mounts battery: 101 minutes
* Smatree battery: 100 minutes
* WASABI battery: 92 minutes
* Jupio battery for: 81 minutes
* NO NAME China battery: 79 minutes


We are convinced that the PRO-mounts Battery Kit is the RIGHT choice for your GoPro* HERO4 camera and give therefore 2 years DIRECT exchange warranty on defectives!



Sales Info

• EAN code: 5060403911599

• MSRP: € 29,99



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1 x Dual Charger Unit

2 x Replacement Battery

1 x USB-A Cable 0.3M






This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for all GoPro* Hero4 cameras