PRO-mounts 3-Filter Pack for Mavic 2 Pro (ND8/PL + ND16/PL + ND32/PL standard)


The PRO-mounts drone filters for the Mavic 2 Pro are equipped with a rotating lens so that the correct polarization angle can be found. with many brands of filters the ND / PL filter is a fixed filter, that is one solution that does not work because you cannot make the right setting, to get the maximum return from your ND / PL filter you have to match your ND filter against the Hold in the direction that you take your shot, then turn the rotating ring until you see the best effect of the Polarization.

ND8 / PL: This hybrid filter is designed to limit the amount of light entering the camera lens by 3 stops. It helps to capture sharp and clearer images even in bright sunny conditions outside. It also helps prevent unwanted glare from affecting the quality of your image material or image.

ND16 / PL: This hybrid filter is designed to reduce the amount of light that hits the camera sensor by 4 stops. This helps to capture well-balanced and cinematic images in very bright sunlight, especially in the afternoon and early morning. The filter also offers protection against unwanted reflections from glass or water bodies.

ND32 / PL: This hybrid filter is an excellent way to reduce the shutter speed of the drone camera by 5 stops, effectively slowing the shutter speed. This helps to capture sharp and vividly colorful images in the brightest sunlit conditions. With this filter, you can also capture the coveted motion blur effect that gives your shots a truly cinematic look, apart from protecting your images from unwanted glare from natural surfaces that reflect light.

PRO-mounts Arial Filters for DJI Drones:
• Lightweight aluminum frame, no effect on Gimbal
• Standard coated optical glass
• Improves recording in all weather conditions
• Lifetime Warranty!
• Including FREE lens pen



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1 x ND8/PL Filter

1 x ND16/PL Filter

1 x ND32/PL Filter

1 x Resealable metal filter can

1 x Lens pen

• Instructions: English & German


• Anodized Aircraft Aluminum

• Acryl

• Metal


This PRO-mounts filters are compatible with the DJI Mavic 2 PRO