PRO-mounts E-scooter Accessories kit


The PRO-mounts E-scooter accessories Kit is the all-in-one solution for the E-scooter & Kick-scooter enthusiast.

In the package you will find a special handlebar / handlebar bag which you can attach to your handlebar & handlebar with 4 adjustable Velcro straps.

The bag is large enough for a bottle of water and has a separate compartment for your keys, telephone and other personal items, thanks to the (splash) waterproof zippers and material you do not have to worry that your belongings will get wet in a rain shower.

With the included 1.2 meter long digit cable lock you can lock your E-scooter anywhere, preferably on a pole.

You will also find a special (aluminum) telephone bracket in this set, this “Phone Mount” is specially made for the E-step & Kick scooter, the handlebar mounting is small and can be turned tight with the included Allen key, in addition, this telephone bracket silicone protection pads so that you do not damage your smartphone. Because an E-scooter ride can sometimes get rough, you can lock your Smartphone in the Smartphone Mount so that you do not lose it, even on rough terrain.

Finally, you will also find a Multi Tool, a handy and foldable tool set with all the necessary tools such as screwdrivers & Allen keys to regularly check your E-scooter and to tighten the screws on the spot.

In short, 1 complete set consisting of 4 handy accessories for your E-scooter, Kick scooter, E-scooter & (E) -Bike.