PRO-mounts E-pump


The PRO-mounts E-pump is all in 1; small, lightweight, suitable for all types of pneumatic tires / balls / air toys and conveniently packed in a carry bag, making it the ideal travel partner. With the E-pump from PRO-mounts you are able to directly and at any location (thanks to the 3 x 2000mAh rechargeable batteries) the tires of your bicycle, motorcycle, E-scooter, armbands, air mattress, ball and many more products. in just a few minutes. The PRO-mounts E-pump has 4 preset (adjustable) values ​​so that you can quickly bring your tires back to the correct pressure. You connect 1 of the supplied pump hoses to your valve, press the selection button and the pump stops automatically as soon as your tire has reached the correct value. The values ​​can be set freely and can be read on the LCD display, in addition to the 4 preset values ​​you can also pump manually and for the dark pumping sessions there is an LED light to illuminate. The set comes complete with USB-c charging cable, 2 pump hoses & 3 nipples, making the PRO-mounts E-pump usable for all passenger vehicles from your sisters’ tricycle to your father’s car.