PRO-mounts SportsHelmet Mount +


With the PRO-Mounts SportsHelmet (Vented Helmet) Mount for your Actioncam you can mount your Actioncam to almost any (sports) helmet with ventilation openings. This simple accessory is both simple and very effective, you pull the two nylon straps and buckle through the ventilation opening of your ski helmet, cycling helmet, climbing helmet and / or any other helmet with ventilation openings, you pull the buckles tight and you place your Actioncam in the shortcut plate. So you confirm your Actioncam without having to stick or screw anything. Simple & sure!

The PRO-mounts SportsHelmet Mount consists of 2 adjustable nylon straps and in between a very strong Polycarbonate part in which the standard Actioncam quick release (quick release Buckle) fits. This Vented Helmet strap has been specially developed for (sports) helmets with ventilation holes. Helmets as used in cycling, and by skiers, skaters and climbers. The camera is on top of your head and always looks the same way as you. Very pleasant if you want to have your hands free while filming your promotions. The PRO-mounts SportsHelmet Mounts are packed with an EXTRA Quick Release Buckle to make this set even more complete. Since the length of the straps are adjustable, the PRO-mounts SportsHelmet Mount fits on practically all (sports) helmets with ventilation holes. One size fits all!


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• SportsHelmet Mount (Size adjustable)
• Camera Adapter
• Quick Release Buckle


• Polycarbonate
• Nylon straps


This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for 99% of ALL Action Cameras that have similar connector as used on GoPro* camera’s.
This Accessory can also be used with those (Action) cameras that has a so-called ¼ – screw Mount, this is the standard Mount for (Compact, DSLR & other) Camera’s and also used by Action Cameras from Sony, Nikon, Pentax and other more (Classic) Camera brands. In order to use this ¼-screw type of (Action) Camera you need to purchase the “PRO-mounts Camera Adapter” as this converts the ¼ – screw connector to the so-called 3-Prong mount. By doubt if your (Action) Camera is compatible with this PRO-mounts accessory simply contact us and we will advise you.