PRO-mounts ChestHarness Mount

The Pro-Mounts ChestMount Harness is the ideal Actioncam accessory if you want to have your hands free during filming. The PRO-mounts ChestHarness Mount consists of sturdy, adjustable straps that allow you to wear your Actioncam securely and securely on your chest. The harness is adjustable in width and height, making it suitable for almost everyone, even if you wear a winter sports jacket or an overall. Put on the harness, click your Actioncam in the solid holder on your chest and you are ready for the action!

The Pro-Mounts ChestMount Harness is a high-quality Actioncam accessory that is made of extremely strong nylon and has buckles and fastening clips made of very strong plastic. This makes the harness resistant to extreme action and effort. The PRO-mounts ChestHarness Mount has been developed for maximum comfort, which means that it does not bother you during use and that you have complete freedom of movement. Very pleasant when you go mountain climbing, skating or running, but also when you go kayaking or mountain biking. Please note: the ChestHarness Mount is not suitable for securing with mountain sports!


Ideal for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, snowboarding, abseiling, hang gliding, parachute jumping, canoeing andmuch more. See more arm movements, see more of your descent, your route and let your technique show while you’re in action. Using the PRO -ounts ChestHarness is recommended when you want to display more footage from different angle than for exapmple your head or Helmet.


• EAN code: 5060160818339

• SKU code: PM2013GP25

• MSRP: € 19,99



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• 1 Adjustable Chestharness Mount (one size)
• 1 Vertical Surface “J-Hook” Buckle
• 1 Storage pouch


• Polycarbonate
• Nylon
• Stainless steel


This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for 99% of ALL Action Cameras that have similar connector as used on GoPro* camera’s.
This Accessory can also be used with those (Action) cameras that has a so-called ¼ – screw Mount, this is the standard Mount for (Compact, DSLR & other) Camera’s and also used by Action Cameras from Sony, Nikon, Pentax and other more (Classic) Camera brands. In order to use this ¼-screw type of (Action) Camera you need to purchase the “PRO-mounts Camera Adapter” as this converts the ¼ – screw connector to the so-called 3-Prong mount. By doubt if your (Action) Camera is compatible with this PRO-mounts accessory simply contact us and we will advise you.